An Unwanted Twin is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

An Unwanted Twin Bestowal

" A frightened soldier on the road told me about a slave revolt at Sathram Plantation. Ulov Stormwall led the troops to the plantation, intending to suppress the revolt. Mysterious circumstances induced him to turn his blade on his own troops. "



  • Talk to Ulov
  • Open the trapdoor
  • Kill the Soldier's Double
    1. Hint:Search for the Soldier's Body
  • Chase the Creature
  • Talk to Ruvali
  • Collect the Idol from Ruvali's Bedroom
    1. Optional: Talk to Ulov
  • Return to Ruvali
  • Talk to Ruvali
  • Use the Idol on Tiril's Double
  • Follow Tiril
  • Kill Tiril's Double
  • Chase the Creature
  • Talk to Ulov
  • Talk to Ruvali

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