An Armiger's Duty




Tribal Helm of the Defiler
Average Leveled Gold

An Armiger's Duty is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

A Buoyant Armiger warned me of pilgrims being attacked on the roads and directed me to speak to Captain Naros at Molag Mar if I wanted to know more. [if taken from a Buoyant Armiger]


Captain Naros, a Buoyant Armiger, is investigating a rash of disappearances near Molag Mar. I agreed to assist her in getting to the root of the cause. [if taken from Captain Naros]



  • Buoyant Armiger, Captain Naros



  • Talk to Captain Naros.
  • Investigate the Ashlander camp at Almurbalarammi.
  • Investigate the pilgrims' campsites.
  • Talk to Ibaal at the Helan Ancestral Tomb.
  • Investigate the tomb.
  • Talk to Baren Maloren.
  • Lead Ibaal to the glass mine.
  • Talk to Captain Naros at the mine entrance.
  • (Optional) Rescue any survivors in the mine.
  • Kill the Ruddy Broodmother.
  • Return to Captain Naros.




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    • Anonymous

      Captain Naros is located in the Penitent Pilgrim Inn on the top floor of Molag Mar (far southeast on the map). That should probably be the first step in the walkthrough.

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