Alasan's Plot is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Alasan's Plot Bestowal

"An army of Withered Hand soldiers necromancers attacked Tava's Blessing and killed everyone. Whatever they are planning here, I plan to stop them."



  • Talk to Prince Azah
  • Destroy East Focus
  • Destroy West Focus
  • Destroy North Focus
  • Enter the Lighthouse
  • Talk to Alasan
  • Collect The Broken Ward
  • Talk to Ansei Maja
  • Exit the Lighthouse
  • Collect Goat's Milk
  • Gather Earth from Grave
  • Capture the Desert Wind
  • Use the Blacksmith's Forge
  • Reforge the Blade
  • Collect Reforged Blade
  • Place the Blade on the Shrine
  • Trap Alasan
  • Take Ansei Ward
  • Use the Ward on Alasan

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