A Purposeful Writ




Executioner's Helm
Average Leveled Gold

A Purposeful Writ is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

With the revelation that Veya's brother is dead, Councilor Eris has asked me to keep his daughter away from Balmora and House Redoran while he looks into what happened. In the meantime, Ashur asked me to talk to Veya.



  • Ashur



  • Talk to Veya in the Morag Tong hideout.
  • Find Naryu outside Arenim Manor.
  • Find a way into the manor.
  • (Optional) Avoid killing the Redoran soldiers at the manor.
  • Search for information about Ulran.
  • Tell Naryu about your findings.
  • Question Councilor Dolvara, then search her quarters.
  • Consult with Naryu.
  • Return to the hideout and tell Veya what you found.




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