A Noble Guest is a special Holiday Events Quest for the Jester's Fesival in The Elder Scrolls Online.


A Noble Guest

  • To unlock this quest. You will need to find Jester Queen Ayren outside Vulkhel Guard, Ebonheart or Daggerfall and to complete the quest " The Jester's Festival" (March-April)
  • This quest is part of the three different daily quests available during the Jester's Festival Holiday Event.

"After helping King Emeric, he suggested I head to Ebonheart to join King Jorunn's Royal Toast. I should find Jester King Jorunn in Ebonheart"





  • Travel to Ebonheart (Stonefalls near the "Brothers of Strife" Wayshrine)
  • Speak to Jester King Jorunn
  • Steal Mudcrab Apples (Near Ebonheart entrance - careful with the bounty)
  • Find Jorunn's Betrothed (North of Ebonheart)
  • Feed Princess Mudcrab Apples (It's a pig)
  • Help Princess escape
  • Lead Princess to Jester King Jorunn
  • Talk to Jester King Jorunn


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