A Mother's Obsession

Location Stormhold, Steamfont Cavern, Inner Sea Armature
Reward Neatly-Pressed Envelope
Very High Leveled Gold

A Mother's Obsession is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Blackwood Chapter DLC.


Quest Information

Mirri has something of a family issue. Her mother, a collector of antiquities, has gone missing. Mirri requested my assistance in finding her.



  •  Find MIrri's mother





  1. Talk to Mirri about the letter she received.
  2. Travel to Stormhold Mages Guild and find the contact mentioned in the letter.
  3. Retrieve the item promised to them by Mirri's mother in exchange for new information.
  4. Follow this new lead to a camp just above Steamfont Cavern.
  5. Investigate the area for more clues about Mirri's mother whereabouts.
  6. With the new evidence, look for a local Dwarven ruin.
  7. Make your way through its halls and find Irenni Elendis.
  8. After a brief talk with her, escort your companions out of the ruins.
  9. Listen to Mirri trying to talk sense into her mother before speaking with them.


Notes & Trivia


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