A Friend in Mead


Voljar's Meadery


Voljar Meadery Seal
High Leveled Gold

A Friend in Mead is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

Stormfist soldiers ransacked Voljar's Meadery and slaughtered the family—all because they wanted free mead. Haraldar's wife was one of the Voljars killed in the attack. He wants to reopen the meadery, and he recruited his four brothers to help.





  • Talk to Haraldar Snowpeak.
  • Find the recipe book and herbs inside the meadery.
  • Get spices from the storeroom.
  • Return to Haraldar.
  • Talk to Roruld Snowpeak.
  • Defeat the giant who is agitating the bees.
  • Collect appleblossom honey from the barn, and search for Bjoruld.
  • Return to Roruld.
  • Talk to Haraldar.





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