A Faded Flower


Hew's Bane


Unidentified Bahraha's Curse Ring
302 Gold
10 Thieves Guild Reputation

A Faded Flower is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Velsa left a note, asking that I come visit her at her garden. She has something she wants to discuss.



  • Note from Velsa in the Thieves Den



  • Read the note from Velsa.
  • Meet Velsa in her garden and talk to her.
  • Read the note.
  • Find the half-naked Nord near Abah's Landing Wayshrine.
  • Travel to the location mentioned by the Nord.
  • Find the mysterious Khajiit woman.
  • Travel back to Abah's Landing.
  • Return to Velsa with the Khajiit.




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    • Anonymous

      26 Oct 2019 18:18  

      Has anyone else got stuck in Velsa’s garden trying to follow the quest arrow? It keeps pointing me down the secret passage in the warehouse and into her villa and then there is no way out!!

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