A Deadly Secret

Location Leyawiin, Councilor Jirich's Manor, Leyawiin Castle, Fort Blueblood, Tidewater Cave, Gideon, Twyllbek Ruins
Reward Armored Gauntlets of the Ivory Brigade
Very High Leveled Gold

A Deadly Secret is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Blackwood Chapter DLC.


Quest Information

Captain Rian Liore, commander of Leyawiin's Ivory Brigade, needs help investigating the disappearance of a city councilor.



  • Search the marked locations for signs of Councilor Jirich.
  • Talk to Milona Hanus.
  • Find Councilor Jirich and speak to her.
  • Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow.
  • Find and warn Councilor Faleria and Councilor Sophus. This can be done in either order.
  • Go to Councilor Jirich's Manor and search for hidden documents.
  • Enter Leyawiin Castle and report to Councilor Lovidicus.
  • Travel to Fort Blueblood to meet with Councilor Abor.
  • Investigate the disappearance of the missing servant and find her in the fort.
  • Find and warn Councilor Faleria and Councilor Vandacia.



  • Captain Rian Liore, Brigadine Antonius



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