Wrothgar Skyshards in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) were added with the Orsinium DLC. This page shows the location of all 17 Skyshards

Wrothgar Skyshards

Wrothgar Skyshards
Total Skyshards


1. Beneath the ruined aqueduct. - Beneath the aqueduct in the very southwest of the map, south of the Siege Road Wayshrine.

2. West of the cliff jumper's falls. - Next to the waterfall just southeast of the Great Bay Wayshrine

3. Smuggled away in Shipwreck Cove. - To the left of the waterfall on the west side of the map (at the water's edge). It's just below Old Orsinium.

4. On a stonecutter's scaffold. - On a scaffold just south of Graystone Quarry

5. In the silver mine's, shadow. - Just northwest of Murkul Stronghold

6. Above the ancient barrow. - South of Exile's (Barrow on the hill). It's northwest of Trader's Road Wayshrine.

7. Lost cargo on a frozen freighter. - Just northwest of Frozen Fleet on a frozen freighter.

8. Atop the frozen waterfall. - Just west of the Forlorn Watchtower, northwest of Shatul Wayshrine.

9. Overlooking the ice-bound Centurion. - Just south of Nyzchaleft Falls by the pipe.

10. Caught in the webs of the old city. - In Old Orsinium (the very western most edge of the map that touches the water).

11. Washed down river by Dwarven boilers. - In Rkindaleft (the far eastern edge of the map, due east from the Shatul Wayshrine).

12. Surrounded by silver. - in Argent Mine (just northeast of Trader's Road Wayshrine).

13. An unusual egg for harpies. - In Coldperch Cavern (southeast of Shatul Wayshrine).

14. Pried from a necromancer's cold, dead hands. - In Thukhozod's Sanctum (just southwest of the Great Bay Wayshrine).

15. Kept as a prize in the cold Dwarf tomb. - In Zthenganaz (just southwest of Two Rivers Wayshrine).

16. In a subterranean spider oasis. - In Nikolvara's Kennel (just northwest of Merchant's Gate Wayshrine).

17. Amidst the crumbling gargoyles. - In Watcher's Hold (south of Siege Road Wayshrine).

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