Strident Springs Demesne is a Player Housing in the Elder Scrolls Online.


Strident Springs Demesne


Strident Springs Demesne


Notable Homes

Gold Cost



Reaper's March

This fortified manor between Arenthia and Skingrad at the headwaters of the Strid River should satisfy all those who aspire to the life of the landed gentry. Inside the gatehouse you’ll find gardens, a waterfall, and a mansion in Second Empire style.


How to obtain Strident Springs Demesne

  • Can be bought unfurnished for 1,280,000 Gold coins
  • Can be purchased unfurnished from the crown store for ??
  • Can be purchased furnished from the crown store for ??



House Information

  • Space for Furnishing: 300
  • Space for Trophy Collectibles: 20
  • Space for Other Collectibles: 4




  • 2 Storey Large Home
  • Accesible Watch Tower
  • Waterfall
  • Pond
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 1 Other Room
  • Large courtyard



  • This home doesn't seem to require any requirements



Strident Springs Demesne Screenshots


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