Storming the Garrison is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Storming the Garrison Bestowal

"Imperial forces have taken control of the Bangkorai Garrison, the strategic keep that divides northern and southern Bangkorai. King Emeric and the Lion Guard have come to aid Queen Arzhela and the Knights of Saint Pelin in reconquering the garrison."



  • Enter the Sewer
  • Find the Gatehouse
  • Activate the Main Gate Switch
  • Meet King Emeric Outside
  • Assault the Barracks
  • Cell Release
  • Free the Imprisoned Knights
  • Kill Commander Attius
  • Meet King Emeric Outside the Barracks
  • Storm the Bridge
  • Enter the Royal Crypt
  • Talk to High King Emeric
  • Talk to Queen Arzhela

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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