Solvent Proficiency is a passive capability in the Alchemy Skill line in Elder Scrolls Online. Each rank allows the Alchemist to either Natural Water, Pristine Water, Cleansed Water, Filtered Water, Purified Water or Cloud Water to make various potions at different levels.

  • Skill Line: Alchemy Skills
  • Skill Type: Passive
  • Unlocked at: Rank I at Alchemy Skills Rank 1, Rank II at Solvent Proficiency Rank I, Rank III at Alchemy Rank 20, Rank IV at Solvent Proficiency Rank III, Rank V at Solvent Proficiency Rank IV, Rank VI at Solvent Proficiency Rank V

Solvent Proficiency.png

Solvent Proficiency

(Passive Skill)
Rank I
  • Allows the Alchemist to use Natural Water to make Level 3 potions and Clear Water to make Level 10 potions
Alchemy Rank 1
Rank II
(Solvent Proficiency Rank I)
Rank III
Alchemy Rank 20
Rank IV
(Solvent Proficiency Rank III)
Rank V
  • Allows the Alchemist to use Purified Water to make Veteran 1 potions
(Solvent Proficiency Rank IV)
Rank VI
  • Allows the Alchemist to use Cloud Mist to make Veteran 5 potions
(Solvent Proficiency Rank V)

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