Potency Improvement is a passive ability in the Enchanting Skill line in Elder Scrolls Online. Each rank allows the use of a certain stones, like Jera, Jade, Edora, and Rede Potency Runestones, to make different levels of Glyphs.

  • Skill Line: Enchanting Skills
  • Skill Type: Passive
  • Unlocked at: Rank I at Enchanting Skills Rank 1, Rank II at Enchanting Rank 5, Rank III at Enchanting Rank 10, Rank IV at Enchanting Rank 15, Rank V at Enchanting Rank 20, Rank VI at Potency Improvement Rank V, Rank VII at Potency Improvement Rank VI, Rank VIII at Potency Improvement Rank VII, Rank IX at Potency Improvement Rank VIII.

Potency Improvement.png

Potency Improvement

(Passive Skill)
Rank I
Enchanting Rank 1
Rank II
Enchanting Rank 5
Rank III
Enchanting Rank 10

Rank IV
Enchanting Rank 15

Rank V
Enchanting Rank 20

Rank VI
(Potency Improvement Rank V)
Rank VII
(Potency Improvement Rank VI)
(Potency Improvement Rank VII)

Rank IX
(Potency Improvement Rank VIII)
||= Keen Eye Rune Stones.png

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