Order of The Hour Style


   Crafting Motifs 40: Order Hour

  • Gem/Material Needed: Pearl Sand.
  • Market Value: Varies over time, however, mean average price varies to top end market; resulting in mean value of 100,000 Gold (Price in Tel Var stones unknown).
  • Location: Kvatch Arena (Daily Activity found on Kvatch Bounty Board in Guild Market Place, next to the Kvatch Area).


Order Hour Information

The motif 'Order Hour' comes in series of Chapters, identical to various other armour styles; such as Xivkyn. All Chapters can either be bought off of various Guild Stores, being most popular in the Kvatch Guild Market, or obtained from the Kvatch Arena. The style comes from the 'Order of The Hour' company, a company that the player encounters in numerious occassions when playing the main quest line in the Dark Brotherhood: DLC , but are also seen around in Kvatch. The Chapters can only be obtained raw when compeleting daily activities from the Kvatch Bounty Board, displaying either a Kvatch Area Daily or a Relic Daily, with these two quests working in rotation when one is complete. You will need to speak to the Area Master, located on the right hand upper-stairs of the area. He state that 'You will be able to go straight it'. From there, you will enter a series of conflicts with opponents, starting with Shackled Gladiators > Order of The Hour Troops > Boss: Order Champion > Pit Beats > Boss: Knight Commander Panthius. This activity will have to be completed with others, however, the arena has still been kept popular with many players completeting the arena various times. The rarity of the Chapters is very rare, and are only obtained via completeing the Bounty Board Daily Mission.



Below, you will find various armour sets, displaying the avaliable armour: 

Heavy and Shield:





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