Maelstrom Weapons are Weapons that were added to Elder Scrolls Online, that have unique enchantments and are extremely powerful. Their only downside is that they aren't pare of any Set so you will lose a slot for a potential bonus. The following is a list of Maelstrom Weapons and how you obtain them. The Maelstrom weapons can drop for the last boss of Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

Maelstrom Weapons

the_maelstroms_axe.jpg the_maelstroms_sword.jpg the_maelstroms_mace.jpg the_maelstroms_dagger.jpg
the_maelstroms_greatsword.jpg the_maelstroms_maul.jpg the_maelstroms_battle_axe.jpg the_maelstroms_bow.jpg
the_maelstroms_inferno_staff.jpg the_maelstroms_restoration_staff.jpg

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