Lifeline is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Lifeline Bestowal

" Thane Oda Wolf-Sister believes that the Ternion monks might be able to heal King Jorunn. But their complex rituals require special components. "



  • Meet Oda at the Ternion Cave

  1. You must collect vampire blood and talk to the Dreamwalker for help.
    "Hints:Assist the Dreamwalker."
    Complete Our Poor Town at Darkwater Crossing.
    In Wittestadr, search the Frostwater Tundra for the components for the Ternion's ritual.. Here you complete "A Right to Live and The Better of Two Evils
  2. Meet Thane Oda Wolf-Sister at the Ternion cave.

Bug: If you abandon one of the sub quests, "The Better of Two Evils," and choose a different path than you previously chose, the main questline of "Lifeline" will become bugged (Ex: If you initially chose to side with Valeric, abandoned, then chose Majorn and vice versa). Even though you have chosen and completed one side, at the end of "The Better of Two Evils," the "Lifeline" quest will still prompt you to talk the opposing character. This obviously is a bug that disables the ability to complete the quest, and the only known solutions are: to prevent it happening in the first place by not abandoning the sub quest, or to abandon the "Lifeline" quest all together and re-active it by talking to Thank Oda Wolf-Sister at the Fort Amol Keep.

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