Quest Name Level Obtained Reward
external image bPmcYnE.pngStorm on the Horizon in Eagle's Strand      
Tears of the Two Moons 2 From Gathwen, West of Temple of the Mourning Springs Gold Fleet’s Beacon, 70 gold
Mourning Bow, 112 gold
Cast Adrift (Investigate Shattered Shoals) 2 From Sergeant Firion, in Shattered Shoals Broadhead Shield, 170 gold
Dark Knowledge 2 From Cartirinque Southwest of Khenarthi's Roost Wayshrine Inducer’s Scalpel, 56 gold
Moon-Sugar Medicament 2 Note inside pirate's camp, North of Laughing Moons Plantation Hazak’s Hauberk, 70 gold
The Root of the Problem 2 Spinner Benieth in Windcatcher Plantation Rootsplitter, 28 gold
The Family Business 2 Officer Lorin in Speckled Shell Plantation Sugar Jacket, 70 gold
A Pinch of Sugar 2 Juranda-ra in Laughing Moons Plantation Ratsplatter, 56 gold
external image bPmcYnE.pngThe Perils of Diplomacy 4 Razum-dar (after completing Storm on the Horizon) in Mistral Queen’s Own Cuirass, 170 gold
external image bPmcYnE.pngThe Tempest Unleashed 5 Zaeri (after completing The Perils of Diplomacy) in Mistral Storm-Slave’s Razor, 116 gold
external image bPmcYnE.pngTo Auridon 5 Razum-dar (after completing The Tempest Unleashed) in Mistral Cat Eye's Quay 46 gold

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