Inn Rooms are a type of housing found in Elder Scrolls Online and were added during Update 13. Inn Rooms are the smallest type of  housing found in the game and is the starting home a player could own. The player can either do the quest "A Friend in Need" or buy this humble abode for some coins. 

Inn Room


"For the thrifty, one can seek out a modest inn room. These three were recently seen for sale, and as their owners are frequently poor, may be for sale again"


Name Cost (Gold) In-Game Description
Mara’s Kiss Public House 3000  As the least restricted seaport in the Summerset Isles, Vulkhel Guard has visitors from across Tamriel—and you’re likely to meet most of them hoisting a mug at the Mara’s Kiss Pub.
The Rosy Lion 3000 This inn has always had the reputation of being the safest place in Daggerfall for common citizens in search of illicit services to meet their shadier counterparts.
The Ebony Flask Inn Room 3000 The Dark Elves may not worship Dibella, but down at the cornerclubs they show that they still know how to have a good time—in their own special way.

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