Imperial Incursion is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Imperial Incursion Bestowal

"Imperial forces have seized control of Satakalaam. King Fahara'jad's army is here to take the city back, but General Thoda needs to rescue four hostages the Imperials are holding first."



  • Rescue Lord Zagari
  • Rescue Hostages
  • Rescue Lady Moyaltha
  • Rescue Magistrate Govan
  • Rescue Shamone al-Sentinel
  • Find Magnifico Khorshad's Manor
  • Interrogate Magnifico Khorshad
  • Enter Hatch to Tunnel
  • Collect Barrels of Kindlepitch
  • Place Barrel at West Support Beam
  • Place Barrel at East Support Beam
  • Ignite the Kindlepitch
  • Escape the Tunnel

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