Elemental Expert is a star within the Constellation The Apprentice in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elemental Expert



The Mage

Minor Constellation

The Apprentice
Champion Point Investment Effects

Champion Points Invested

Damage Increase

1 (Min) 0.3%
10 2.9%
20 5.46%
30 7.71%
40 9.63%
50 11.25%
60 12.57%
70 13.59%
80 14.34%
90 14.8%
100 (Max) 15%


Elemental Expert Information

This was added in Update 6 with the Champion System. It increases your Flame, Frost,Shock, and Magic Damage by [x]%. You can put 100 Champion Points into this passive ability for a maximum of 15%.


With each point invested, the increase in the Flame, Frost and Shock Damage diminishes. That is to say, for the first 10 CP invested, you would gain a 2.9% increase in Damage. However, the next 10 CP spent (making a total of 20 CP spent), will earn you only 2.56% more Damage. This is 0.34% less than the increase gained in the first 10 CP.

As such, spending just 37 CP into Elemental Expert will already gain you a 9.09% increase in Flame, Frost and Shock Damage. This means you will have gained 50% of the Maximum increase possible (which is 15.0%) by spending just 37 out of the total of 100 CP. Therefore, beyond this point, the increase Damage received per 1 CP used is very small and not as worthwhile.

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