Ebon Armory is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online.  

Ebon Armory Set

LEVEL 50      CHAMPION 160

(2 items) Adds 1064 Max Health

(3 items) Adds 1064 Max Health

(4 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken

(5 items) Increase Max Health of up to 12 group members by 1118.


Ebon Armory Information


Where to find

  • Crypt of Hearts  (Normal and Veteran)
  • Dungeon bosses and mini bosses will now drop a set piece 100% of the time.
  • Mini bosses will drop either a hand, waist, or feet set piece.
  • Bosses will drop either a chest, shoulder, head or leg set piece.
  • The final Boss of a dungeon will drop weapons or jewelry.
  • Normal mode dungeon bosses will drop blue-quality items.
  • Veteran mode dungeon bosses will drop purple-quality items.

Unique Set Pieces

Bonehand's Amulet

Dremora Collar

Ibelgast's Promise

Mallet of the Devourer




  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • This set is bind-on-pickup
  • This set has Weapons of every type



Ebon Helm.pngEbon Cuirass.pngEbon Pauldrons.pngEbon Greaves.pngEbon Sabatons.pngEbon Guantlets.pngEbon Girdle.pngFocus.png

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